Greg Kulkowsky, Owner/Operator since 1999.

Prior to the commencement of any job, Greg makes thorough communication his highest priority in order to fully understand the customer’s expectations and to establish clear objectives. With this information, GK Excavating provides the client with an overview that includes the scope of the project along with a general progression of how the work will be completed. This approach allows GK Excavating to identify and address issues that have the potential to adversely impact the project even before the work begins, saving time and money. In addition, throughout the entire project GK Excavating keeps the customer apprised of all progress made through regular progress reports, digital photos, budget reports and schedule updates.

In an industry where the prevailing attitude is “just get it done”, GK Excavating’s motto is “Do the right thing”, and Greg integrates this into every facet of his business. From utilizing natural resources efficiently to incorporating low impact methods, GK Excavating has always endeavored to be cognoscente of the environment in which they work. For GK Excavating, doing the right thing also means talking no shortcuts that could affect the integrity and quality of the work being performed whether it is in plain sight or buried underground. It’s a matter of principle for Greg and he derives an immense sense of pride and satisfaction from knowing that GK Excavating’s work will stand the test of time.

Equipment list

Excavators – small to large



Back hoe

Skid Steer - with buckets, brush grapple, auger, pallet forks, roller compactor, soil pulverizer, 300 gallon water tank, and street sweeper.

Dump Trucks - single and tri-axle.

We have asphalt, concrete, and rock saws, demolition hammers, compactors, water pumps and of course the pick and shovel.